about me


Relentless passion for sound design. Since I heard the first sound I knew that this will become my absolute passion and desire to find out how every sound is made.


There’s nothing better of being creative and thinking outside the box, already able to design and deliver something that wasn’t experienced before. Enormous temper for avoiding the cliché approaches and building a new and unique engagement.


Addicted to new, modern and insanely well crafted sounds. I heart loud space engines, powerful and roaring cars, lasers and 808.


Video games are my hobby. I grew up playing Commodore and arcades, and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I got addicted to sound. Curiosity of how the sounds are made and crafted.

I am into sound and music as long as I can remember. From video games, to piano sheets and horror movies, my sound affection was growing throughout the years. My relentless passion for sound design compiled with my meticulous attention to detail, drive me to perform any task at hand with enthusiasm and accuracy. All my previous experiences have involved me having sound as my absolute passion. Huge addict of cinematic textures, mysterious soundscapes shaped with low end rumble and weird notation.