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Ringtones that will use the maximum potential of your iPhone speakers

Throughout the years, it seems that Apple are focused more on improving the technical specifications, rather than the creative ones. Their stock sounds are copied over the years, even though the speakers can handle more. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a ringtones that will match the needs for their current speakers. I needed to experiment a bit and out of curiosity I measured the loudness with a sine sweep from 50hz to 15k, did a few tests to analyze the loudest and safest peaks. Then, I designed some sounds in the range where the speakers could produce more power before clipping and distorting. The results were quite cool since I could literally hear an improvement on the details, crispier range and louder frequencies. To be sure that I wasn’t tripping or placebo, I posted them on reddit and the community went crazy, the discussion became incredible. Got featured on iOS GadgetHacks as well, with a great guide on how to install them.
Later, I made them available for every smartphone and .mp3s are included in all of the bundles. Although, I haven’t tested them, feel free to check them out and let me know!

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