sound designer, sfx, composer

I am into sound and music as long as I can remember. From video games, to piano sheets and horror movies, my sound affection was growing throughout the years. My relentless passion for sound design compiled with my meticulous attention to detail, drive me to perform any task at hand with enthusiasm and accuracy. All my previous experiences have involved me having sound as my absolute passion. Huge addict of cinematic textures, mysterious soundscapes shaped with low end rumble and weird notation.


Short film where 3 Finnish youngsters excitedly decide to spend their last night together in Tallinn, as they gonna separate to study abroad. Their journey gets on another level as they choose to take sleeping pills, but resist the sleep.

Composed by ILIJΛC
Mastered by naBBoo

more stuff


Music, sfx, mix and master (Snowball Games)

KATABATIK FISHERMAN - Re-recording mixer

iPhone X custom made ringtones

Episode 165 - Sound designer, composer

Sound redesign (music, sfx)

My Name Boris.

Ford Macedonia. Sfx, mixing, mastering, radio commercials.

Sound redesign (soundscapes, sfx)

assistant SFX, foley artist, boom operator

composed and produced



  • 2017 2015

    Sound design, M.A

    Masters degree at Baltic Film and Media School (Tallinn, Estonia) and Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal)


FAMU Fest '14 (Prague)

Nominated for Best Sound Award
Limbo by Jane Spasikj

Kinoki '18 (Mexico)

Special mention for sound design
Impromptu by Yasir Kareem